Packing up your possessions and valuables, loading them on a truck, moving them to a new location, and unpacking boxes and crates can be an overwhelming and exhausting task. Why not let us take the bulk of moving worries on our shoulders, while you concentrate on more important things? As a family-owned and operated business, we take sincere pride in treating our customers with fairness and respect. Count on us for superior service in every aspect. We can provide the following for you:

  • Packing materials, including boxes, wardrobe boxes, quilt padding, shrink wrap, and more
  • Free disassembly and re-assembly of furniture
  • Free estimates
  • Initial quote as our guaranteed price
  • Night, weekend, and holiday moves available
  • Storage service for items you aren’t yet ready to move
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured professional moving team

A Phoenix Mover with a Passion for Perfection

For over a decade, we’ve helped homeowners and business owners transfer their furniture, household items, business equipment, and more from one location to another, whether it’s within Phoenix, in the state of Arizona, throughout the West, or clear on the other side of the country. You’ll find our services competitively priced, as well as completely satisfactory. We aren’t satisfied unless you’re happy with our work.

We even cooperate with financial companies offering the best payment solutions such as bad credit loans in Barrie to maintain the relocation smoothly! The comfort and the safety of our clients is the basic principle in our work!

Business Moves

  • Assessment of building services, parking, and permits
  • Packing materials for all employees, including clearly printed instructions for use
  • Safe transfer of furniture, equipment, and supplies
  • Protective floor covering
  • Customized moving plan

Residential Moves

  • We offer boxes, pads, and other packing materials
  • We’ll wrap specific items in order to keep them secure
  • Entire household packing, delivery, and unpacking available
  • Transport vehicles, which state-of-the-art security systems
  • Loading and unloading in your preferred order
  • Climate-controlled storage for items you no longer need or do not yet want to move

Packing Supplies

As a premier, we offer a full array of moving supplies, including the following:

  • Small boxes—$1.50 each
  • Medium boxes—$2.50 each
  • Large boxes—$3.50 each
  • Wardrobe boxes—$12.00 each (there is no charge for wardrobe boxes returned on your moving date!)
  • Packing paper—$1.50 per pound
  • Quilt pads (blankets), shrink wrap, tape, and dollies—free of charge!